Business Process Management – BPM

Business Process Management

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The improvement of the Business Processes is the major objective of every ICT project.

The analysis of the AS-IS processes produces a detailed and overall understanding of the organization. The process analysis form a key input to identify streamlining and reengineering opportunities.

The analysis is developed by phase :

  • Analysis of the As-Is
  • Identifying reengineering opportunities (To Be)
  • Develop the intermediate evolution steps (Gap Analysis)

A major part of the As-Is analysis is the review of the company strategy and its alignment with the business Processes and ICT situation. We support the change process from “Vision” to “Implementation” making sure all parties perform in alignment with the company strategy and defined goals.

This is also aligning the processes towards improving the Buyer Values that lead to successful “Blue Ocean” strategies.

To visualize the processes PIXYSTREE uses the Business Processes Modeling standards.


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