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Trilogy - Advice and guidance for ICT projects
Trilogy – Advice and guidance for ICT projects

Many organizations already have implemented ERP systems and related business applications

In order to manage the business risks in the Go Live phase the functional scope has often be dramatically reduced over the course of the project.

Once the Go Live has been survived and all the major business risks have been kept under control, then is the right moment to change gear and to implement the benefits.

TRILOGY has experienced that quite often many benefit opportunities remain unharvested after the first phase of an ERP implementation.

However, those benefits are well within reach in that stage of the project. The Key Users are now knowledgeable about the system. The additional efforts are limited and the project can build on the strong foundation of the existing implementation

In those cases TRILOGY will help your organization to make optimal use of internal resources to walk that extra mile in obtaining the right benefits.


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