Adding Competences

The tailored involvement of Trilogy adapted to the specific needs of the client

Trilogy - Advice and guidance for ICT projects
PixysGroup – Advice and guidance for ICT projects

In addition to the external resources of the vendors, projects also require a substantial involvement of internal resources. Those internal resources are often already heavily committed to the operational tasks.

The additional support in resources during the course of the project can be a good decision to balance out all required temporary competences for the project.

The areas in which PIXYSGROUP can be involved are multiple: project management, analysis, tests, migration, user support.

Show Case : « Fonds Commun de Garantie Automobile »Trilogy - Advice and guidance for ICT projects


The FCGA has decided to replace its existing applications. The project is large and lasts for several years. The IT team which was being restaffed at the time could not handle the additonal workloads of the new developments.

The FCGA has hired several PIXYSGROUP resources in order to cope with the workloads in the following areas : analysis, follow up of third parites, testing, data migration and change management support.


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