System reliability

Obtain full reliability of your system

Organizations have grown increasingly dependent on their ICT systems for their operations and communications. Increasing the reliability of the those systems is therefore paramount

TRILOGY has developed specific services aiming at auditing and improving the reliability of the client systems. Those services are desinged at improving the general IT governance together with improving the quality and security of the systems.

Trilogy - Advice and guidance for ICT projects
Trilogy – Advice and guidance for ICT projects

The TRILOGY professionals are using the well known and widely accepted standards of : COBIT, ITIL and ISACA. The thorough understanding of those standards allow the TRILOGY professionals to select and adapt where needed in order to be perfectly in line with your company needs.

TRILOGY intervenes at those three specific levels: Governance, quality and security.

For each of those levels the service would at least involve :

  • The evaluation of the existing status, including recommendations
  • The development and implementation of an improvement plan
  • Definition and roll out of a suitable IT organization to comply to the selected standards.


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