Tristar Methodology Implementation

Implementing the Tristar methodology

The pragmatic approach of PIXYSGROUP

Trilogy - Advice and guidance for ICT projects
PixysGroup – Advice and guidance for ICT projects

Based on the Prince2 and PMI project management principles, PIXYSGROUP has developed a pragmatic methodology that combines professional approach with practical flexibility for the medium sized organizations. This TriStar methodology is the main framework used by the Pixystree professionals in ICT related projects.

Moreover, TriStar has been adopted as the core product to develop client specific methodologies.

TriStar is a modular methodology and consists of alternative approaches and phases depending on the orientation and the stage of the project. It can be applied and rolled out partially and progressively.

PixysGroup improves the quality of the project management by providing the clients with a support in methodology using TriStar, adapted to the client’s specific needs.

Show case  : Partena HRTrilogy - Advice and guidance for ICT projects

In a first phase the first TriStar module (Terms of Reference) has been implemented inside the different departments.

In a second phase, in order to be able to manage its large portfolio of projects, Partena HR has decided to implement a specific project organization using the concept of a “Project Management Office”

Pixystree has helped in developing those different dimensions of the PMO : methodological, organizational and technical.


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