Pixystree: Provides advice for ICT project

Trilogy - Advice and guidance for ICT projects
Pixystree- Advice and guidance for ICT projects

Pixystree is specialized in advice related to ICT projects.

PIXYSTREE’s involvement is appreciated because of its focus on added value for companies and for the guaranteed neutrality of its advice. PIXYSTREE is financially independent and has no agreement with any ICT vendor in any form.

PIXYSTREE: Provides advice for your ICT projet PIXYSTREE ensures quality service through a continued development of its in house Methodologies.

PIXYSTREE is well known for its pragmatic approach, its flexibility and its capacity to adapt to each client environment.

The efficient and fast impact the Pixystree involvement is one of its strong points.

PIXYSTREE can refer to many References, in both Industrial companies and services and the public sector.

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